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determination, refusing to be bowed under by them and    after  their  own  personal  career  interests,  and  the
        attacking them unexpectedly and suddenly on all fronts;   publishers themselves are almost totally uninterested
        because truth, which is beauty in a work of art, not     for reasons, they maintain, that are purely economic or
        only can but ought to reign supreme on this earth. Not   because they are unwilling to promote a product that
        fighting for this presupposes passively accepting the    would  otherwise  be  publicised  and  launched  before
        widespread dissemination of the new forms of barbarity   another  product  that,  albeit  mediocre,  has  already
        that are typifying our times. Art has to attack conformist   proven its worth and is easier to market. what’s more,
        society like a powerful acid, not by backing what or who   there are artists who have been accorded privileges
        profess, either thanks to the resonance or fame they     even though they don’t deserve them, and who hope
        bring to bear, or those whom we might be led to believe   to maintain them while trusting that no other artist will
        detain art and have the ability to evaluate it and, in fact,   be discovered, published or made famous. It’s a hard
        impose it, but by backing art itself. Art itself must claim   life, therefore, for neo-artists in this cynical context.
        this victory in its relationship with the public, a public
        that is able to grow and that is therefore neither elitist   Each individual is free to express his or her own ideas,
        nor factious. A spontaneous art that is not channelled   according the constitutions of democratic countries,
        in specific directions and not subjected to the yoke of   but these constitutions do not specify how this right
        all-encompassing mediocrity, not procrastinated by the   can  be  guaranteed  to  the  weaker  categories  who
        current plethora of artistic pseudo-production, in its   have no direct links with the powerful or who are not
        turn legitimated by a system that has been degraded      economically independent. who knows, perhaps people
        to the point of convulsive delirium: an uncertain, weak   think that only people who are able to say something
        system, incapable of holding itself aloft from the by-now   have the right to say it, or that fate will set everything
        repetitive motifs of compromise, corruption, nepotism    right in the end. In truth, this is the truth: we are told that
        and militancy.                                           we have rights and we take this for granted, but these
                                                                 rights are not guaranteed in any way. Often democracy
        2                                                        is also applied as a perverse form of government: the
                                                                 supremacy of a dominant majority over an oppressed
        Many talented artists who have the right to deserve      minority or minorities. what’s more, political subjects
        attention and publication are, on the contrary, forced   now seem to come to life or consolidate their position
        to  endure  ostracism  and  a  priori  exclusion  from  the   exclusively in order to see to petty economic interests.
        haughty, self-referential world of art publishing (which   Cultural  positions  seem  to  end  up  being  included
        has become a sort of kasbah!). The same people are       only as side-dishes to be brandished as a secondary
        indifferent to their fate, intent as they are on looking   or  fragile  apparatus  of  faded  references  that  are

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