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has been channelled really seem to make us believe that   up with strategies or solutions. what’s more, if they
        art is dead, as some of its assassins maintain through   are quizzed on the argument they reply evasively or by
        their inability to produce art of any value.             deploying commonplaces: art is apparently necessarily
                                                                 difficult,  and  therefore  unable  to  galvanise  larger
        Some critics even maintain that everything has already   numbers of consumers.  Nor do they even dream of
        been  done,  that  nothing  of  any  interest  could  ever   considering  their  own  enormous  responsibilities  vis-
        exist again. They are suspicious of and revile art that is   à-vis  the  entire  situation,  or  of  attempting  to  invert
        able to induce pleasure or convey messages, that has     this  negative  trend,  which  is  death-inducing  and
        meaning; in truth, only because they have nothing to     counterproductive, most evidently for themselves as
        say and do not want others to eradicate this nothing.    well as art in and of itself and contemporary and future
        why, though, if this is what they want, do they continue   artists. Obviously, the situation is certainly not a positive
        to publish? Isn’t it contradictory for them to want to   one, but it shouldn’t lead artists, critics and art lovers
        extenuate death, to perpetuate mourning? why did they    to assume that everything is destined to remain as it
        start dealing with art? why on earth do they continue to   is now or that it will get worse. Only if each one of us,
        deal with art, considering their premises? Perhaps they   individually and through an act of personal will, decides
        only want to enhance their own prestige, their academic   to set as their main aim that of bucking the trend and
        careers, and this is how they are able to do it... Have   begin to feel hopeful and think of a new collocation of
        these poets ever posed themselves the problem of the     art within the social, able to invade places within our
        consumption  of  art,  or  wondered  if  what  they  write   daily life in the same way that news programmes, soap
        might ever reach a public made up not just of people     operas and goods in general have, even by using the
        who make art, or want to make art, or study it?          same type of invasiveness they have used, then art may
                                                                 well begin to regain some of the ground it has lost.
        Officially, or “semi-officially”, and carefully evaluating
        the  latest  poetic  production  and  the  generalised   A call to a sort of positive violence means nothing other
        attitude  of  these  seigneurs  de  l’art  (who  are,  with   than simply claiming our right to and for our own Reason.
        due  exceptions,  generals  without  troops),  you  are   Egotistical and career-fuelled individualism should be
        overwhelmed  by  their  inability,  or  even  worse  their   banished,  just  as  feeling  sorry  for  ourselves  should.
        unwillingness, to examine or even face the problem of    what we should always bear in mind is that artists are
        the dissemination-popularisation of the artistic product   always  harbingers  of  values,  and  artists  are  always
        among a vast public. It seems that this doesn’t interest   their  tireless  defenders  in  the  face  of  indifference,
        them much at all, for they are by no means committed     generalised  hostility  and  incomprehension,  enemies
        to formulating hypotheses about this work or coming      that should always be fought off with stubbornness and

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