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The Meaning of the arttruth

        Many deal with art in the world. And many of these        various choices – and therefore his or her possibility
        paint,  sculpt,  draw  and  make  installations,  using   of action.
        all  sorts  of  media.  Few,  in  truth,  aim  for  or  obtain
        appreciable  results.  Intellectual  ability,  conceptual   Those  who  love  art  because  they  feel  the  need  to
        lucidity,  expressive  command,  expository  clarity,     produce it very often limit themselves to this and do
        acceptable  basic  knowledge  of  the  history  of  art   not hone their ability through study, reading, debate
        and originality are prerogatives very few have – they     and, this must be said clearly, they are almost always
        may be convinced, or believe, or hope they do, after      the root cause of the poor quality of publications on
        having outlined marks on a canvas, or made objects or     contemporary art that they would like us to consider
        videographic images, in short after having composed       art simply because it has been reviewed or written
        a  work  of  art.  Cultural  “massification”  (now  called   about by a famous critic, author or publisher. Do they
        globalisation), which has indeed brought benefits, has    think the general public are stupid, and that they will
        also led to an impoverishing of culture itself. However,   devour whatever they’re given as long as they’ve been
        the dissemination of culture, which invests ever greater   provided with the right prestigious references? In part,
        numbers of mediatic channels, has not succeeded in        that’s what it would seem like: yes, the meagre, elitist
        teaching  large  numbers  of  people  how  to  evaluate   art public seems incapable of imposing their own taste
        and discern. The massifying effect has had a negative     through  declared  approval,  or  buying  works  or  art
        impact on the ability of individuals to evaluate the worth   books. This, in fact, is almost always toned down by
        of a work of art qua intrinsic value, or even to evaluate   models that are not always freely chosen but imposed
        a different relationship to art, whether it be ancient,   from above, and then assumed by those “below” who
        modern or contemporary. How many of us are really         want points of reference that offer guarantees in terms
        convinced and fully understand that the use of a work of   of validity, even though this is often a mere fiction. In
        art may not only give pleasure and be pleasurable, but    other words, the referential mechanisms of unmerited
        above all promote a broadening of cognitive horizons      legitimacy works  extremely  well  with  the  art  public
        and personal spiritual growth? very few, I think. Mass    who, having supinely accepted the present as the pre-
        culture  has  effected  what  could  only  be  termed  an   existing, seem disposed to continue their consumption
        example of social blackmail on man: it has coercively     of everything that is labelled “good” only because it
        imposed on the majority what is deemed most useful        comes from, or is gilded, by this “higher realm”. The
        for the system, at the same time limiting the individual’s   mistaken models towards which the art public’s “taste”
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