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where feelings and intelligence move together towards      expression – are capable to face individually these kinds
           common goals. It is what the ancient Greek philosophy      of problematic and subjects, talking of their worries,
           called with the word poiesis: the art f doing. Actually,   allowing their works to exist as results of these thoughts,

           whatever it will be the project that someone is going to   although in many different ways The soul of an artist
           do, face, make, it is always how good and serious will be   can still do a lot for him: it can push him to choose
           his approach and, how ethically honest are his intents     which direction to take, or how to adapt his work and
           that is the real value. Whatever we can do, it will always   himself to the most various and different situations,
           be needed to arrive to give an expression of course        or, again, to trans-form. To transform in something
           complete and finished, but never definitive or closed      else the mistakes, the broken dreams, the unsatisfied
           in itself. It must be somehow comprehensible – not         aspirations. The complexity of contemporary art leads

           damaging – and always open and flexible to be modified,    us to consider a fundamental, determining factor that
           in order to give it new added values. Nevertheless, to     it seemed to be more and more unavoidable: the
           understand fully the reach of this precept, we must        specificity given by curatorial choices, in other words the
           re-conciliate with the universal value that culture has; a   “vision d’ensamble” (analytic and punctual) that allows
           value that has been already lately destroyed, crumbled     to relate the work of one – or more than one – artist to
           away by a dull distinguishing of senseless rules,          a particular space and, a particular situation, as it is vital
           fragmented in the ghetto of useless roles, while it ought   to contextualize to stimulate, to diffuse to contaminate
           to be entirely rooted into the contemporary dynamics       , this in order to make art the most comprehensible
           of the productive processes. It is in this way that the    to fruiters inside a specific framework, trying to give

           aspirations of mankind can be positively alimented,        evidence to a soul of art which is different from what
           feeding and nourishing the spirit of all we contemporary   was in the past, probably more powerful and clear in its
           human beings that live in this planet and move across it.  own aims. An art that emerges because of the fusion of
                                                                      the pars construes with collective intervention. It is the
           Therefore (so then) why art?                               context, the framework that allows art to open itself to
           Wanting or not, an artist expresses always his spirit      new territories of investigation and then overcome its
           towards his emotions, thoughts, feelings and, matters.     partial vision of the world. It is always the context that,

           He bears this knowledge inside himself, more or less       in a certain sense, allows art to find its position in this
           aware of it. It is part of his condition, it is something   world. To look for a mutuality, for a symbiotic relation –
           ingrained in his state of being. The artist investigate to   with a precise feedback, not necessarily only economic
           bring to light something that it is hidden to the normal   – between art and enterprises it is undoubtedly a way to
           sight, as an eye – as pure physic sensor – can’t see. In   perceive and follow. In the same moment that art enters
           few words, the artist always tries – or look for – a way to   and belongs to such a context, it obviously contaminates
           see more concentrate through things and reality, inside    while being contaminated as well, it dismembers and
           the things, for the reality. And also for he himself the   recomposes itself in a continuous process without
           destination of his work is equally important.              loosing its own identity.

           To question himself about what the public can              Today, the deficiency that many operations (projects)
           understand, digest, appreciate or feel the most-           sui generis have, is inside the idea of finding a unity at
           therefore capable of conducing the single fruiter          any costs, therefore neglecting possible openings to
           to a more profound reflection, it is undoubtedly a         new, unknown developments, as the one of being able
           post-modernist action, maybe even a bit spoilt if not      to perceive a possible sense of things that it can also be
           vicious. Nevertheless, are the artists themselves that     beauty beyond aesthetics, value beyond ethic itself.
           – everyone with his own peculiar language and way of                                      ©World Of Art magazine
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