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Oto Rimele

                                  Lives and works in Maribor, Slovenia

           Oto Rimele is a painter, an author of spatial-acoustic     but I directly activate it as the literal sensory presence”.

           ambiences, a researcher of mental dimensions of the visual   His painting images (painting objects) are three dimensional
           expression and sound. After obtaining an undergraduate     and allow for the colour to reflect onto the wall, so that
           degree in 1990 and a Master’s degree in 1992 at the        the observer can see its non-material reflection in the

           Academy of Fine Arts in Ljubljana, he has dedicated        shape of coloured Light and as a non-material connection.
           most of his creative path to researching the painting      Dr Nataša Smolič describes his “generators of light” as:
           communication and the phenomenon of visual expressive      “The oval paintings give the feeling that somewhere in
           possibilities.                                             their essence, invisible to the human eye, there is a light
                                                                      source, which disperses the cleansed and superior light

           His personal experience with the world and reality we live   through the reflective whiteness of the wall into the
           in has led him to achieve a unique painting expression and   space.” Dr Marjeta Ciglenečki recognises his sublime
           surpass the classical appearance of paintings. Expanding   communication with the individual as a bridge that allows

           his painting image first directed him to the field of “painting   the observer to gain an insight: “Many of Mr Rimele’s
           objects”, “combined paintings”, painting installations and   public expositions can be described as simply beautiful
           to activating atypical parts of the painting – its hidden   if we follow Plotinus’s explanation of the Beautiful and if
           edges and rear parts. Thus he created unique painting      we believe that observing the Beautiful also makes the
           images – “generators of light”, where the frontal image    observer beautiful.”

           gives way to the expressiveness of the “edges” or “rear”
           parts of the painting.                                     In recent years, Oto Rimele prepared independent
                                                                      expositions presenting his work in New York (Pratt

           After finishing his studies, his painting expression was   Institute, 2019), Vienna (Korotan Gallery, 2018), Berlin
           first focused on the painting mimesis of the visible reality,   (Galerie B1, Schönberg) and Maribor (the former Minorite
           but then the motif was upgraded to a symbolic and          church, 2018).
           non-material meaning. His final motif is light itself and
           the mental-sublime reality in the sense of exploring the   In 2016 and 2017 he participated in the joint exposition in

           optical and painting reality of the medium of expression.   the Carrousel du Louvre in Paris. He has been passing on
           The painter describes his attitude to light in the following   his creative experience as a full professor to the students
           words: “…this is why I don’t depict light in my paintings,
                                                                      of the University of Maribor for many years.

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