P. 15

“I do not paint light, I create it.”
           (Oto Rimele, June 2018)

           *What are  the  core  and  fundamental  themes  and
           concepts of your art?

           My painting compositions could also be called
           “generators of light” or “catchers of light”. By saying
           that I am a “painter of the light” I want to emphasize
           that for my expression and communication with the

           observer I do not need the material world because
           my fundamental topic – the painting motif – is the
           light itself. And the role of the light is to trigger in the

           observer the ability to activate the non-material. My
           painting image plastically generates the color and the
           light. It could also be said that it reflects the light,
           or that the color appears in the form of a shadow.

           In the early period of my creating I approached the
           painting motif in a veristic manner. The scenes of
           objects I was painting were connected with the

           exposure to light and the light itself in several ways.

           This  period  was  followed by  a  gradual  discarding
           of  the  object  painting  motif.  I  discovered  that  the
           light itself can be the object of my interest, and I

           came to understand that the light in the painted
           image is actually created by the painter himself.
           That the light is the consequence of the painter’s

           ability to experience and communicate the light.
           In my paintings the light changed from something
           that is merely “observed” to something “present”
           and “active”. Something that enables my painting to
           transfer the level of communication with the observer

           to a non-object, abstract level.

           J-H2-V, 2006 WOOD, PAINT 49.6X9X10.6 IN. | 126X23X27 CM.
           K1 ROUND MIRROR, 2015 ACRYLIC, WAX ON CANVAS, WOOD (11 PANELS) 82.6X77.9X2.3 IN. | 210X198X6 CM.

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