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Masters Of Today (MOT) publications cover all contemporary global art trends and tendencies and provide unique quality art publications with major emphasis on exclusive art works, examination and analysis. Following the establishment of its art publishing, Masters Of Today (MOT) its offering full editing from graphic design and creative layout to a broad distribution through large bookstores and eCommerce channels worldwide.

Masters Of Today (MOT) pecializes in developing focused, high-quality contract publications, from the ground to collective and bibliophile art books. Whether a client wants to launch an art book or an art catalogue, Masters Of Today (MOT) can oversee the entire publishing process from concept development to production and sales and distribution.


Masters Of Today (MOT) editors, art directors and writers have a flair for capturing the images and words best suited to deliver the artist's message: we are fine-art graduates active artists and curators. Our full-service production department has the technology and talent to handle the full spectrum of offset quality print products, from limited run collector edition books to sophisticated authentic signed and individually numbered by the artist bibliophile deluxe limited edition art books.

Do you want to reach a wider audience of thousands of art buyers, art collectors and financial institutions, artists, galleries, museum, the world’s art fairs and art lovers? Then start here! Masters Of Today (MOT) contemporary art publications are the most powerful advertising medium to ensure maximum impact, to increase your name recognition and the value of your art in the eyes of the public.
Masters Of Today (MOT) concept of being published artist link the artist's work to reputable collections, museum acquisitions and exhibitions, to the general public. We are inviting contemporary artists to apply to join us in Masters Of Today (MOT) art book series for collectors, museums, galleries, bookstores and ecommerce.
To apply Masters Of Today (MOT) new book projects, all you have to do is to contact us by a a letter that includes your name, country, the files and information requested below. The nominations and the inclusions are judged solely by visuals submitted by email. The selection process is free and makes no claim to a deal or to a Publishing Agreement.

Artists wishing to enter an Artist Profile in Masters Of Today (MOT) Art Book Series should provide for selection the files and information requested below: Art works (300 dpi/ 23 cm/ 9 inches side .JPG /.TIFF image files, The works details: title, year, media, size, Up to 500 words of critic or statement, The personal website, The place of residence and work, A photo of yourself (300 dpi/ 4 cm/ 1,5 in).

Each included artist in Masters Of Today (MOT) Art Books Series have right to three copies at the shipping and handling charges based on the delivery option you chosen (the postage cost is not included).
Masters Of Today (MOT) distribution is through large book wholesalers and ecommerce channels, in US bookstores and internationally. Check  | MOT | Collective Art Book Series at Amazon (click-on the link).
We also have the solutions to all advertising and print production needs. Masters Of Today (MOT) innovative production and creative facilities allow us to provide cost efficiencies other publishers can't. We quote prices by the project for a fixed advertising fee. We may notify our artists’ members about MOTpublishing projects or promotions through emails, online posts, or other means. However the PDF Advertising Booking Regulation file is included here.


We invites outstanding contemporary fine artists to apply to get published in own highly collectible museum quality offset printed deluxe bibliophile limited edition art book  in an exclusive slipcase, authentic signed and numbered by the artist, which also may include an original signed sketch, drawing or photography, a great promotion tool and advertising source of a professional standard making your work valuable, collectible and famous.


Limited editions are designed to be collectible. A numbered edition is a limited edition where the total number of copies in the print run is notated on the book. This is usually written as the current number over the total number in the printing (ie: “This book is copy number 54/1000”). Additional details are included below.


Authentic autographed books enhances their value at the unique nature of the art object, and allows the artist to offer a book that is worth more than what other art books on booksellers.


Your limited edition art book assumes a comprehensive and professional in every aspect unique-designed museum quality hardcover book in an exclusive slipcase, professional offset-print on art paper, high quality creative layout per-page, no hidden charges, and a knowledgeable artist staff. We are not charging any additional fees besides the design and the printing cost. 


The Masters Of Today (MOT) full publishing package includes the following elements: Artist to Artist relationship, High quality reproductions of artwork, Museum quality fine art paper, Maximum color fidelity, Offset lithograph print, Protective coating, Book size options, Layout options, ISBN identification barcode, Prepress review, Delivery at the destination port, First print run of 500 - 1000 copies, Prepress review, Only 45 working days.


The Files and Info Requested: 50-100 quality TIFF image files at 300 dpi, up to 33 cm /13 inches on the vertical side, The work information: title, year, media, size, collections, Writings, essays, statement, texts, CV, Diverse pictures.


Visual artists' advertisements in Masters Of Today (MOT) Collective Art Book Series are Tax Deductible. The Internal Revenue Service allows professional artists and art galleries to deduct the costs of promoting work, including print advertisements in art books and catalogs, as business-related expenses.


The primary marketing venue is the most important website selling books: Amazon. Other venues include the bookstore chains Banes & Noble and affiliates in USA, Canada, France, Germany, Great Britain, Japan, Australia and others.


Masters Of Today (MOT) books price ranges from $149 US to $449 US per book depending on the book number, autograph signature and uniqueness of the artwork included.


The artist royalty is determined depending on the retail price and the distribution cost. Example: If a bibliophile art book sells for $299 and the wholesale traditional takes 55% off the retail price, the price is $134.55; the distributor traditional takes 40% of $134.55, that would be $53.82 and the author earning of 60 points of $134.55 gets 60% for each book sold. The royalty would be roughly $80.73 for each book sold paid to the artist.


All materials sent become the property of Masters Of Today (MOT) and we cannot be held liable for any damages or loss of materials. 


Offset Lithograph: The most commonly used commercial printing process is offset lithography. This is a method of printing from a metal or stone surface on which the printing areas are made ink-receptive. Rather than pressing inked images onto paper using plates with raised or etched plates, an image is transferred to the paper using oil-based inks, chemically-treated plates made from photographic negatives, and an offset cylinder.

Masters Of Today (MOT) contemporary art publications and MOT art books series are getting larger and more diverse. Masters Of Today (MOT) effective art advertising sale is part of Masters Of Today (MOT) Publishing Agreement that governs our artist's participation in Masters Of Today (MOT) publishing projects and art advertising services and describes the rates for artists, galleries, museums, fairs and various cultural organizations who may provide an advertisement in the Masters Of Today (MOT) projects, online and quality offset printed publication. The advertising fee rates will vary depending on the size and category of publishing project.

Most advertising fees are calculated to cover the basic cost of the demanding creative publishing and cover costs, taxes, service, reviews, editing, creative layout, design, binding, high quality offset printing, warehousing, marketing.

Visual artists' advertisements in Masters Of Today (MOT) publications are Tax Deductible. The Internal Revenue Service allows professional artists and art galleries to deduct the costs of promoting work, including print advertisements in art books and catalogs, as business-related expenses.
The career of a professional artist can be a battle to succeed. Making a living is tough and utilizing tax deductions at the end of the year can allow an artist to keep more of what the artist make. Tax write-offs are similar to those used by other self-employed workers; they include costs such as office space and equipment deductions.
1. An artist can claim materials needed to produce creative work, including paints, brushes and canvas, as business-related expenses on her federal tax return. The artist must also be able to show the Taxation Services that her work is part of a business and not just a hobby.
2. An artist can claim deduction for an art studio space, similar to the office space other self-employed workers use.
3. An artist may claim a deduction using the square footage of the studio space, including restroom facilities, as long the space is solely used for creative purposes.
4. The artist may also deduct yearly expenses relating to utilities, including electricity, heat and air conditioning, to keep the studio space livable and conducive to working.
5. An artist can claim deduction for education expenses to improve as an artist, including taking private lessons, participating in college courses and attending artist lectures allowing the artist to continue to grow and increase skill level in the field which may open up new business contacts.
6. An artist may also deduct the cost of museum and gallery memberships as business-related expenses.
7. An artist may also deduct the costs of promoting work, including print advertisements, business cards and radio and television ads, as business-related expenses.
8. An artist can claim deduction for travel costs related to business, including mileage using the
Taxation Services' standard mileage rate and meal expenses.