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From advertising to art galleries and museums
If youíre
an artist who wants to discuss the relationship between art and advertising and already have strong curriculum and youíre interested to submit materials for selection to become published in Masters Of Today (MOT)
art books series email to publishing@mastersoftoday.com

Are you ready to overcome the contrary stream?
I wonder what will happen if someone will see his failure again, in the real life. I do not know, I am afraid, but somehow I sense that everything someone needs is there, in his or her own room. Thatís why I beg you to save it. It doesnít hurt. There will always be moments in which we feel we miss the world outside: but you are like everybody has been before, as you quest is still to come to an end, also when apparently caught in a glaze of stagnating despair. I do not want to frighten anyone casually: nobody in this world has loved art as you love it. Your way is yours, thatís it. Sometimes you have surely felt that your art has not been understood by those in the way you would have wished, but youíve always knew that this is part of the game. However, if a ray of moonlight transforms into a vision, a miracle of pure beauty, the firm waters of a lake, you have good chances.

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