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         The Recognition every artist deserve!

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Sing up for advertisement inclusion in the book

We would greatly appreciate if you are interested in participating with an artist profile in 'ART FOR SALE' that a new Masters of Today (MOT) art book project for contemporary artists, art galleries and art museums, to get on the most research-driven list of the worlds best active collectors and others who uses Masters of Today (MOT) art books series to permanent collect
and review contemporary art.
Unique style artists are mostly welcome to sign for inclusion.

The Advertising Fees Policy
 Option I
   Take 1-Page & Get 5-pages Free
   TOTAL: 6-pages US $ 1,390.
 Option II
   Take 2-Page &Get 8-pages Free  
   TOTAL: 10-pages US $ 2,780.
  Option III
   Take 3-Page & Get 17-pages Free.
   TOTAL: 20-pages US $ 3,990.

Your Application Form
In order to complete your participation please download and fill the PDF Application Form included here and provide the publishing materials requested below so our creative team can get back to you with a layout alternative in the book as soon as possible.
Ensure that your are including your most iconic works of art.

he Publishing Materials Requested
• up to 40 works: 300 dpi/ 23 cm/ 9 in JPG /TIFFs files.
• The works details: title, year, technique and size.
• Up to 500-1000 words of critic essay, writing or statement.
• The personal website.
• The place of residence and work.
• A picture of yourself: 300 dpi/ 5 cm/ 2 in JPG /TIFFs files

Send by WeTransfer

You may provide the image files along the information by email attachments or by WeTransfer that is a free service to send big files from A to B.

The book specifications
Hardcover 24x24 cm | 9,5x9,5 inched, up to 300 pages, museum quality offset printed on 200 grams art paper.
The first print run 25,000 copies. The book electronic version /eBook is provided by email to our over 120,000 art art resources, subscribers and collectors.

MOT books buyer
Who are using
Masters of Today (MOT) and World Of Art (WOA) publications are also used by leading art museums, art biennials, cultural centres, art fairs, curators including among others: The Museum of Modern Art New York; The Guggenheim Museums in New York, Las Vegas, Bilbao, Berlin and Venice; Museum Ludwig, Cologne, Germany; TATE Modern and TATE Britain United Kingdom; Moderna Museet Stockholm, Sweden; Castello di Rivoli Museo d’Arte Contemporanea, Torino, Italy; ARC /Musée d’Art Moderne de la Ville de Paris, France, are also used bySTARKE Foundation Germany; Venice Biennial; Manifesta; Art Basel, Art Forum and others.

Each artist included in in the book
will receive 3 copies at the shipping and handling charges based on the delivery option chosen. Additional copies are available at the handling and shipping charges.

Selling works of art through art books is easy.
Masters Of Today
Collective Art Book Series at World of Art
304, Cornell Building
London E1 1ER


List Your Art for Sale
Masters Of Today (MOT)
Publishing is happy to welcome artists and art galleries to list in 'ART FOR SALE' the new art book project from  Masters of Today (MOT), that is a high quality rare and important art publication dealing with fine art for sale.

Looking to Sale Art?

‘Art for Sale’ is the 1st choice for artists, galleries and buyers alike!

‘Art for Sale’ is an effective tool for fine artists and art galleries to market and sale theirs art in a professional manner to the international community of art buyers.
‘Art for Sale’ is the premier art book for those seeking to sell and buy original art.

How to Advertise Your Art

Please be sure that you accurately specify the work details: the title of the work, year, technique, size, price and condition of the piece.

The Buyer will Contact You

Please be sure that you accurately specify the contact details: the place you live and work, your website, email address, phone numbers.


Offering Art for Sale

Should you feel difficulty in choosing any artwork presented by ‘Art for Sale’, we would gladly assist you in making a perfect choice. We have highly skilled art historians and designers, who will help you in ‘Art for Sale'.

The Cost of Advertising

The cost of advertising for fine artists is tax deductible.
The advertising fee should be provided after notification of acceptance and after receiving a layout alternative in the book.

Masters of Today (MOT) books
Masters of Today (MOT) Contemporary Artists Art Books Series is the  most collect-worthy art collection completely with new artists and works of art produced at the present period in time, document and analyze the contemporary art on museum quality offset printed, hardcover books and eBooks, to price and love over 1000 contemporary artists with more than 5000 works of art.

Tax Write-Offs
Visual artists' advertisements in
Masters of Today (MOT) Contemporary Artists Art Books Series are Tax Deductible.
The Internal Revenue Service allows professional artists and art galleries to deduct the costs of promoting work, including print advertisements in art books and catalogs, as business-related expenses.

Amazon.com  Search inside our books at Amazon.com http://www.amazon.com/-/e/B0039GVAVK.
eBray. Look inside MOT books electronic version of MOT printed books Click to view in eBook format.

About MOT Publishing
Masters of Today (MOT) and World Of Art (WOA) is one of the most vibrant artist-led publishing with international artists’ authors. Masters of Today (MOT) published artists are selected for outstanding achievements in fine arts and art exposure. Their work is among the best and spreads new ideas.
Masters of Today (MOT) Contemporary Artists Art Books Series includes the mixture of established and emerging arts professionals available to show and collect. In addition to the fine artists we publish we have many relationships in the art field and we are happy to assist artists in finding there place in art and art history.

About Us
At MOT we are all experienced graduate active fine artists and we have over 35 years experience in fine art, creative layout, art publishing and offset typographical production.
We provide museum-class publication services to fine artists, art companies, art organizations, and art lovers worldwide.
We specialize in collectible, collective, museum quality art books and individual numbered and signed bibliophile limited editions art books. Our clients are fine artists, art museums and art galleries worldwide. All Masters of Today (MOT) art projects represent the values of an art object professional in every aspect, unique created publications for collectors, galleries, museums, bookstores, libraries and art lovers, an overview of our contemporary art.

Masters Of Today (MOT) Publishing is not responsible for the selling or shipping of the artist's work, all financial transactions are strictly between the Buyer and the Artist /Gallery.
We are offer buyers high-quality artworks created by professional artists. All listed art-works must be originals.
All works of art presented by ‘Art for Sale’ would be meticulously checked and carefully selected by a team of experienced professionals.
‘Art for Sale’ practically lists all art styles and directions; therefore, we are sure that the Buyers will certainly find exactly what they need.