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                                     Lives and works in Ottawa, On Canada

            “Jody Richardson is a contemporary expressionist

            who employs a loaded brush and intense color in taut
            compositions, packed with emotional power. Her slashing
            strokes and strident colors imbue her figurative subjects
            with a strongly visceral quality.” (New York ART speak)

            Hailing  from  England,  Jody  majored  in  Fine Art  at  the   Jody has travelled to study the masters and contemporary
            prestigious Ontario College of Art in Toronto. There she   art at galleries and museums in New York City, Canada and
            received a scholarship and graduated with honors. Her work   Europe. She also enjoys doing landscape and cityscape
            has been collected and exhibited in Canada, New York, Los   paintings, usually in oil, on location wherever she goes.

            Angeles, England, Amsterdam, Italy and Hawaii, with New
            York City and Toronto being the most frequent.       Her  paintings  of enigmatic creatures  combine human,
                                                                 animal and imaginary elements, creating highly original

            Jody combines human, animal and imaginary elements   work: zebras grazing in a school yard while a large cat
            in her highly original work. Jody also paints abstracts,   strolls down the sidewalk and a sax player serenades on
            landscapes, portraits and still lifes. Jody creates sculptures   the corner, or a concert takes place in a carwash with
            as well, mostly using metal. Ms. Richardson’s innovative   wild animals looking on.

            art, which reveals formal control of her medium as well as   She has since integrated these themes with her interest
            creative imagination, has earned her a number of grants   in music. Some evenings are spent in clubs sketching the
            and inclusion in the collection of the Canada Council for   musicians. Performance painting has also developed from
            the Arts among others.                               sketching the musicians.

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