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  • Dan McCormack: NUDE AT HOME
    Contemporary Artists
        Bibliophile signet & numbered edition
        release date: November 2017
        Publisher: Masters of Today (MOT)
    MUSEUM QUALITY ebook edition
        Hardcover 68 pages
        size: 8.5X8.5 IN /22x22 cm
        Language: English
        ISBN-10: 9189685350



    Nude at Home
    I use the extreme wide angle distortions of the round oatmeal box pinhole camera and the digital colorization to create a series of visceral images. Through successive pulling of curves in Photoshop, B&W values are replaced with color. The “Nude at Home” is a subset of a larger pinhole camera project begun in 1998. In this series, begun about three years ago, I photograph the model nude in her home, apartment or studio. With the model in her space, all the objects in the image are a part of the life of the model. Then the pose, the furniture and the long, two minute exposures reveal an intimate portrait of the subject.